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Portland Garment Factory

26 Oct

I had the honor of being asked to model for Portland Garment Factory‘s launch of HouseLine. Britt Howard and Rosemary Robinson know how to produce a quality crafted garment from start to finish. Pair this with their killer sense of style and you have a HouseLine, woman’s basics (aka the must haves) with a splash of trendsetting pieces.  

Photographer Amanda Smith was on the scene and caught some great backstage moments (the legs!) and the runway show from start to finish. Check out her pictures here!


Bewitched by Sarah Moon

11 Apr

I was introduced to her via a photo book at the bins. This woman is a fucking genius. I highly recommend looking at all things Sarah Moon.

-Sarah B

Olaf Arnolds- Surrender

10 Apr

I am in love with this video.


Just bought my tickets for the show at The Woods this Thursday. You should too.

My Darling Emily

3 Mar

I live with Emily Christensen, the designer behind Filly. To me she is my evening confidant, fashion consultant, walking companion, personal chef, coffee companion … let’s just call her my companion. She just got back from Eco Fashion Week in Vancouver where she debuted her Fall 2011 line. She just completed an entire line, 15 looks, in 10 days. I’m not saying she made it look easy, but I think of her as capable of doing ANYTHING, so it has taken me leaving town and talking with my Mom about what an incredible feat she has just completed to realize just how superhuman and insanely talented she is. And the line looks amazing!! Whatta woman.

*A pic from the show.

Check out her Q and A by Parlour Magazine here. Read the blow by blow on her blog here. Check out past collections here.



24 Feb

The Golden Rule, Clawhammer and Clothespin, Little Edie’s Five and Dime magnificent babes, Jillian Barkley, Carlie Armstrong, Elizabeth Jeager (and Jason Levins, whos a babe too) at the  Mouse Ghost show. Such a great night!!



21 Feb

my boyfriend:


Thanks Luke for turning me on to Detour.

Sidewalk Sale

9 Feb

I’ve just spent waay too long trying to figure out a sweater, jeans, boots combo that isn’t the same sweater, jeans, boots combo that I have been wearing for the last handful of days. This has been my post oatmeal routine each morning and I’ve come to the conclusion that I need some help.


Today PALACE is having it’s monthly sidewalk sale! From 12 to 3 everything from shoes to dresses will be $1 to $10!! Cash only.

Starting Saturday February  13th through closing day ( 😦 ), Monday February 21st, CLAWHAMMER AND CLOTHESPIN will be having a huge sale!

It’s time to get me a new sweater!