24 Sep

So according to this Portland is one of the most “oversexed” cities in America. Damn! Because last I heard Portland was more buttoned up than bottoms up.

Anyone get surveyed for this one? Anyone agree?

ps. i love nicki. xo


2 Responses to “PDX SEX”

  1. shesupsidedown September 25, 2011 at 10:51 am #

    Disagree. Portland, despite its appearances, (which may I add is what Portland is best at: appearances), is not a oversexed city. I think there are a ton of residents who like to play up the sexy thing but really when it comes down to it, the men are ridiculously passive and seemingly uninterested, the women frustrated and under-appreciated, and the whole lot of everyone is totally and visibly self conscious. When I worked in a strip club in D.C all my coworkers yammered on endlessly and explicitly about sex, and they werent talking to put on a show, they meant every word they said. They were having themselves some fun. For real. Then I come to Portland, and I assure you, if the strippers have lack luster love/sex lives and limited experience with sex, then the general public does as well. Portland may consider itself to be sexually cutting edge but by and large that sex is vanilla as hell, that is for certain.

  2. Butt Buttly October 18, 2011 at 3:18 am #

    It’s true: Portland is undersexed. The men here need to be proactive and the women needn’t be prude.

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