Woodsman Tavern and DJ Safi (unrelated)

12 Sep

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of attending the Motley Cue event hosted by Musicfest NW and Whole Foods. Nina Lary and I mingled and sampled the BBQ offerings of the five, mega talented chefs, Jason Barwikowski of Woodsman Tavern, Tommy Habetz of Bunk Sandwiches, Han Ly Hwang of Bhap Sang PDX (formerly Kim Jon Grillin), Naomi Pomeroy of Beast, and Carolynn Spence of Chateau Martmont.

That night Nina and I ate a lot of good meat, but the stand out item was the lemongrass pork on a stick, served with a quick carrot pickle from Jason Barwikowski, who in October will be opening the much anticipated Woodsman Tavern. Not only is Jason a super rad dude, but he is  damn fine chef and there is gonna be nothin, but good vibes and killer food at the Woodsman.

Evan Zimmerman and Jason Barwikowski, the bad boiz of Woodsman Tavern

Throughout the shit shootin, food eating and beverage drinking, I kept finding the need to move my body or sing along to the awesome jams provided by DJ Safi. That woman has musical taste that rivals Rob Gordon, topped off with a healthy dose of Afro Beat. This Friday she will be playing a set of 60’s Congolese and Calypso beats at Dig A Pony that you don’t want to miss.


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