Beyonce is a Gateway Drug

3 Jul

Last night my friend Julia and I started talking about Beyonce’s most recent video, Rule the World and how for the most part it’s whatever, but there is the beginning part where she is dancing with those two dudes and their dance moves are AMAZING!!  So we got to You Tubing and found the two dudes and another dude, who totally blew our minds:

Julia and I spent the next half hour trying to do the dance moves ourselves. We don’t have it down yet, but we will. Then we found this:

I’m not sure any number of hours spent trying to get my body to move like these ladies is going to get me any closer, but I’ll keep trying. I especially like that some of the ladies keep looking back at their booties as if they have a life of their own, which might be the case, cus how else are they doing  this??!!


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