Look with us!

26 May

Our sweet friend John Gnorski had his truck and equipment stolen a few nights ago. Here’s his description. Please keep an eye out! (only one? lets keep two eyes out and open and looking all around). xo ayni

Last night while I soundly slept some jerk decided to steal my truck, and with it lots of music gear belonging to me and my band. I assume that my truck will turn up somewhere trashed in a ditch, and I’m sure we’ll never see our stuff again, but I just wanted to get the word out on the off chance that one of you might happen upon my burglarized jalopy somewhere around town. It’s a black ’93 Dodge Dakota pickup with a matching canopy and the license plate number is 191-DNZ. Distinguishing attributes include: plastic skull door locks, my wisdom tooth hanging from the rearview mirror on a red string, William Faulkner’s “Light In August” on the dashboard, a multi-colored afghan covering the front seat, one KBOO sticker, one Old Town Music bumper sticker, a Jeffery Jerusalem sticker (my only band bumper sticker ever, Jeff), and severely peeling paint on the hood.

The biggest loss, however, is not the rust-bucket itself, but the music gear that went with it. Here’s a list of what was stolen:

– 1967 Fender Deluxe Reverb, Silverface with a broken-off power switch (amp)

– 1 Fender Blues Jr. in tweed (amp)

– 1 Fender Blues Jr. in black (amp)

– 1 blue BMI 10-string pedal steel

– 2 electro-harmonix tremolo pedals

– 2 boss chromatic tuner pedals

– 1 electro-harmonix memory toy

– 1 danelectro echo pedal

– 1 crybaby wah

– 1 volume pedal

– Katie’s sweater

– lots of other misc. stuff


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