New Brainstorm Single!

11 Apr
There’s two new jams available to us today! Brainstorm‘s Flat Earth EP was recorded in their basement with Archers this winter. Dynamic and foot stomp inducing, I’m playing it loud in my headphones at Albina Press right now. And I’m pretty sure that’s why the sun just came out. Thank Brainstorm.

Flat Earth Email.jpg
It premiers officially over at Get Off the Coast, but you can listen and grab it here, here and here too. check them out at Holocene on April 27th, details here.
xo ayni
“Flat Earth presents a unique brand of art-pop, which carefully blends the nostalgic melodies of some late-night oldies radio with the ecstatic, driving grooves of African high-life guitar playing and call-and-response vocals.  A surprising amount of sound is made by only 2 people, with a drummer who sings and plays keyboards, and a guitarist who sings and plays tuba.  Yet this wide array of sounds and styles comes together with surprising coherence, producing energetic, catchy songs that straddle the lines between pop music, art rock, and the experimental.”


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  1. Brainstorm, Zac Nelson, Neal Morgan @ Holocene « pdx - April 11, 2011

    […] the celebration of Zac Nelson’s (formerly Hexlove) album release and tour kickoff. Our faves Brainstorm will also be playing while we celebrate their new Flat Earth LP. And seeing Neal Morgan is always a […]

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