Vikesh Kapoor

5 Apr

Our dear (new) friend and musician Vikesh Kapoor just did a video with The Sights of Sounds and has a show later this month at Mississippi Studios. I can’t wait to hear his voice in their venue. I asked him some questions about Portland, spring, and music making…

AR: As you arrived in this city more recently, welcome to Portland! What prompted the move and how does it feel?
VK: Yes, I am new to Portland and moved here to begin work on a full-length record. The small-town in big city britches feel of portland is what I need, the trees also.

AR: I’ve been lucky enough to see you perform at Together Gallery and The Fox Den. This month I look forward to seeing you at Mississippi Studios (details here) will you tell us about the show?
VK: Well, thanks a lot. In some sense this will be my debut show in Portland. The past shows were for friends and more informal and at the April 29th show I’ll be singing for a lot of new listeners. I’m opening for the Felice Brothers, a raucous folk-rock band from the Catskills, New York. They’re great.

AR: Your songs mostly are of the story telling variety… how do you develop these stories/songs?
VK: Most of my songs are written so quickly that there isn’t much development that I can successfully pinpoint... You know, whatever keeps me up or sticks in my head means I should write it down. Then I go to sleep for a few days!

AR: We MS.MS. ladies love your new video, shot at The Woods shot and part of the web series The Sights of Sounds. Was Ben Fee fun to work with?
VK: Ben Fee seems to constantly be working, but consistently inspired, and that’s real encouraging- that day we just waited for the right light and I sang the song and we kept the first take.

AR: What’s coming up for you?
VK: Playing my debut show in Seattle next week at Chop Suey, in addition to the show in Portland at the end of April. Trying not to play too many shows though, instead just working on this first full-length record. A few other exciting things on the horizon, but can’t speak on those things just yet.

AR: Favorite place to hang out these days in Portland?
VK: St Johns Bridge, Skidmore Bluffs, Liberty Glass, or with a lady of course.

AR: Most exciting thing about spring?
VK: New love, ain’t that right?

by derek vincent

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  1. maya rose April 5, 2011 at 6:09 pm #

    Hi Sarah, linked to you in my blog post today- so nice to meet you!



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