10 Feb

So I’m heading out of town this weekend (yes to a beach. yes i am so excited.) and realized that somewhere along the way, I lost my lil backpack. Ya know… the size that just perfectly fits what you need for an afternoon hike, or a few hours on a plane, or a small batch of groceries for your bike ride home?

Then I saw this blog post, caught a shopping bug, and immediately went onto ebay and got myself a $10 lil red treat. Perfect.

If you also feel so inclined to grab a mini pack for your hot toddy holding on a snowshoe adventure, here are some choices (pardon the shitty ebay photography):

1.                                                                                2.

3.                                                                                 4.

1. Vintage Frostline Kit Daypack, starting at $19.99 here

2. Lowe Alpine Systems Blue Backpack, starting at $9.99 here

3. The Northface Orange with Brown Label Backpack, starting at $5.50 here

4. REI CO-OP Daypack Backpack starting at $9.99 here


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