15 Dec
Ooooooh Portland! It’s treat time! My dear friend Zach Lint AKA Coolzey is coming to town tonight. On tour with Raashan Ahmad of Crown City Rockers, he’s coming to play songs for you at Berbati’s. I’m not kidding, this dude is so much fun. you seem to always always be on the road – top three things about constant travel?

Coolzey: top three as in best things? off the top of my head i’d say getting to listen to music really loud in the car, feeling like you have multiple homes, and making it hard for creditors to find me i knew you as a rock musician before i knew you as a rapper, but i love you as both. which do you see yourself as first and foremost?

Coolzey: i see myself as neither first and foremost.  i always tell people i’m an actor.  i do act, but what i’m really saying is that i think everyone is always acting, so i might as well admit that that’s what i am. i think i’m a method actor that got way to into my characters.  either that or i have multiple personalities and borderline mild schizophrenia. you run public school records which is home to some total treats (the rhombus, grism, miracles of god), whats it all about?

Coolzey: is a website that right now is a blog for my friend Jason and I, as well as an archive of some of the music we’ve made and bands that we’ve participated in, a place to find free albums of mp3s, photos, bios, reviews, art, and to be able to nerd out about us if you want.  there are links to buy stuff if you want, but ultimately everything is free for download!  also we have created artist profiles of some of our friends’ bands. so stoked you and raashan ahmad are coming through portland this week. Favorite spot or good time in our city?

Coolzey: i’ve had so many good times in portland.  i think my favorite time though was a punk rock house party a few years back where we got really drunk and rowdy and i remember at one point i threw my friend Vic Seward from the Sharing Massgraves into the recycling, then a big TV fell on top of him, after which he threw me on the couch and busted up a glass picture frame with a broom handle and the glass fell all around me.  i don’t know why it seems so fun in retrospect.  i suppose i could have been horribly disfigured.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Raashan Ahmad and Coolzey @ Berbati’s 12.14 8pm
Go here for details
and here to download a mixtape for by Raashan Ahmad

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