Mark Warren Jacques

1 Dec

New music is here! The lovely Mark Warren Jacques made a mixtape for us which you can listen to and download on Its perfect for getting lost in your indoor activities as grey and rain cozies us inside.

'work is love made visible' by mwj. image from gallery hijinks

However when you do go out this weekend, make sure its to Mark’s show at Together Gallery on Saturday, Dec. 4th.

IT REMINDS ME OF ME :: PHOTOGRAPHS BY PERRY PFISTER Both shows opening at Together Gallery on Friday, Dec. 4th tell a story of return. Perry, a return to himself, and for you after spending several months living and creating work in San Francisco, a return to Portland. How does this show fit in that journey of return?

mwj: well as you know, the journey never ends, even when you “come home” life is fleeting. we all die. so that title home i suppose refers to a home within self. finding a place of rest or looking for some familiar feeling of happiness. its been a real challenge for this show, to both try to find that peace and to push myself creatively. its sort of a silly dichotomy to try to embark on new ideas and to try to feel at home at the same time. that was the impetus of the film thing. to work in a new medium and still make it about home. I’m so excited to see your work in a new medium. Can you talk about what it has been like working with video?

mwj: its really hard. the show opens in a few days and im only half finished with the film, so we will see. ha. What happens next?

mwj: your guess is as good as mine.
i know im going to keep loving, cause that is really the only place i feel at home. home in love. xo

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