6 Nov

Darrell Grant is playing in Portland tonight as part of the fundraising series “Music For  The Mission.”

My baby brother (who is actually taller than me and an adult) Keelan Dimick, is a Jazz pianist and I asked him to give me a lil intro to Darrell. This is what he told me:

“When I was first introduced to Darrell I spoke to him very shortly but long enough to find out that he immediately makes you feel comfortable and equal when talking to him. He had a beautiful sensitivity and presence that I could not help but to respect.

These qualities are directly reflected in his playing. His latest recording is called Truth and Reconciliation. The whole incentive of making the cd is to help foster positive change in our community and throughout the world. He is able to deeply move listeners regardless of their knowledge in music and to me this is an obvious sign of a true artist.

When listening to Grant, any listener can tell through his touch, flow and overall facility that he has over the piano, that he has spent many years of disciplined training and also years of experience developing his technical ability to a masterful level. Grant’s facility on the piano is in perfect balance with his emotional approach to the music. One of the many albums that emphasizes his chops is off the label Criss Cross, titled “The New Bop” that he recorded in 1994. The musicians on the record include: Darrell Grant- piano, Scott Wendholdt- trumpet, Seamus Blake- tenor & soprano sax, Calvin Jones- bass and Brian Blade on drums. A truly masterful lineup.”

Have a listen. Then go see him tonight. xo




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    […] Grant, who I adore. Grant lives here in Portland, and I was first introduced to his tunes by my baby brother Keelan Dimick, a jazz musician in New York, who wrote a bit about him which you can read on our […]

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