Playlist for right now

6 Oct

But from oh so far back when…

Zac Sluser was one of those boys in high school who just knew where good music was. What it was. And I went to him to get it. Back before music blogs and links and effortless updates to ipods happened like clockwork, we had to work hard for our music. Hours spent at Record Collector, getting the courage to ask the dude working (his music knowledge intimidated the sheeeeat out of me) where the <insert band rad enough to totally thrill you, e.g. pavement, ghostface killer, baden powell> record was, mixtapes from friends, and music recommendations from boys like Zac was how it worked.

So today when I saw that the Flash Dance was featuring a 1990-1994 hip hop mix from dear Zac Sluser I jumped on it. You should too.

Also check out this music video for Phosphorescent, Zac and others created in my home town a few years ago, and his most recent writing and directing project, Pathlights. xo


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