Best Day Ever

28 Sep

Dingleberry Tree (not its scientific name)

I’m gonna tell you about the best day ever, aka: “today was so fun!”, “I had so much fun today!”, “today was like the best day ever!”.

Ayni just moved to S.E.. Sad for the N.E. and cause for celebration for the S.E.. We decided to check her new hood out.

It started at Broder. Ayni has been telling me about Broder forever. I get the impression that it is either her favorite breakfast in Portland or at least in her top 3. It was super freakin good. Love the atmosphere, love the dish wear, love that my coffee came with warm milk in a little milk jug. Ordered the special Lafse with ricotta, and salami and immediately did the number one “no no” when eating at a fine establishment such as broder: I put salt all over my meal without tasting it. What a fucking idiot. I even had some general chef chicks voice in my head saying something like “there is nothing more insulting than watching someone put salt all over their food without tasting it.” Boo. Whatever, it was still super good.

With three cups of coffee (I felt wasted) and a delicious breaky under my belt, Ayni and I headed out into the wild and winsome S.E.. On our bikes, our goal was to stop at every business that looked interesting to us. There were a lot so I’m gonna give you the readers digest version:

Our first stop was Quality Records, a record store that I wanted to show Ayni (super good dollar bin scores), but they were closed! Super bummed. Since then I have learned that a new record store Clinton St. Record & Stereo has taken over the location and it sounds rad! Opening party October 1st.

Ayni holding the Langlitz bag that we both wouldn’t mind owning.

We didn’t get far before we came across Langlitz. Leather and motorcycles? Yes please! David gave us the skinny on the storied history of the local company and even let us touch a jacket that had been made for Neil Young’s son. Rad.

As we headed up Hawthorne I got pulled in by a big banner that said BOOKS, and that’s how we found Hawthorne Blvd. Books a magical little house literally stuffed with amazing vintage books. The smell alone was intoxicating. Lots of treasures to be had here!

Then Ayni introduced me to The Perfume House. This place is my 13 year old dream come true. Beautiful bottles with beautiful labels on every shelf, each one holding a love potion made especially for…you? My love potion #9 is called Chergui by Serge Lutens and if you want to buy it for me go here.

Smelling good we made my first visit to Local 35 where I lusted over the multiple finger rings by local jewelers Sticks and Stones.

Onward to the Gold Door where Ayni tried on most of the earrings from Africa settling on killer golden tornado hoops (not what there called, just what they look like).

Ready to mix it up we head to Belmont where I show Ayni my new favorite store in Portland: Palace. I am in love with everything in this store and the wonderful woman that owns it, Charlotte Reich.

Last stop to shop we popped into Noun. Past the tempting smells of Saint Cupcake and into a treasure trove of little bits. My favorite little bit? The bowl of tiny vials holding different colored dye powders, each one has a label some handwritten some typed. So cool.

Peckish and thirsty we end this epically awesome day at The Victory Bar, one of my favorite SE Bars. We played Battleship, had martini’s and though I was tempted to order the whole menu, we had the cured meat plate, a delicious salad and french fries. Yum.

Thank you Ayni and SE Portland for such a wonderful day!


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