Edison, WA

19 Sep

Just discovered the best little place on earth: Edison, WA. This town is literally two blocks long, but what two blocks! Two art galleries: Smith & Vallee and the Edison Eye, two bars: The Longhorn Saloon and The Corner Pub, two cafes: Farm to Market Bakery and Tweets, two amazing shops: Shop Curator and The Lucky Dumpster, an oyster bar, Slough Foods (a wine and cheese shop) and… what else do you need? Emily and I spent a total of 4 hours in this tiny town and we were ready to move in. We met Charles who runs Tweets and a nearby farm. Charles’ partner David Blakesely bakes all of the amazing looking treats that are sold at Tweets in addition to being an incredible jeweler and owning Shop Curator. Jimi was the local young bachelor of the town (rumor has it Portland might see this catch at the Belle and Sebastion show coming up!). Jessica Bonin owns the Lucky Dumpster, her husband Steve (I am pretty sure that’s his name) make’s tiny metal wire hangers just for the hell of it. And then there’s Joel Brock, an amazing artist and incredible whistler.

Go visit.


One Response to “Edison, WA”

  1. jessica bonin November 6, 2010 at 5:36 am #

    well my hubby’s name is james but that’s okay, thanks anyways for the shout out. steve is the owner of the bar across the street called longhorns.

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