ah a weekend

31 Aug

This weekend was filled with visiting friends and art and bikes and packing boxes.

Irum and Ramon

The jay howell show at together gallery was great – high point for me was brainstorm killing it in the street.

I also check out the Together Gallery Annex opening reception in their new space in Alberta Central on Saturday (yes i really adore the together gallery). Ate free Tastebud pizza, and heard Old Friend and others perform on the patio. Definitely check out their events in the future! The space is huge with a huge area for installs.

Friday the museum was free and i followed snakes of people around from page to page of R.Crumb’s The Genesis. I love it. I adore him. And I skipped ahead about 40 chapters because i couldnt stand to look at illustrated incest and god hovering inside of hair in the sky while 17 people stepped on my toes. But down on the first floor I took my time and dug into some comics. Its still up until Sept 19th so check it out.

After the show Nina took me out to about 8 courses of Japanese for $20 at my new favorite place that Im not sure Im ready to reveal to others yet. ok. its Tanuki. oh my god. shaved kimchi ice on oysters, pork belly udon, and the hangar steak were amazing! As was everything else, and the sign when you walk in: No Sushi, No Children, this is a bar!

enough about my weekend. Irum is leaving her visit to pdx in the morning. She says:

Dear Portlanders,

No need to be glum about the weather. Just give it 15 minutes and it will all change.  Also, give station number 5 in Ayni’s car a good listen!  More dancing!

All the best cookies,



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