Come have a night with me…

26 Aug

So stoked for tonight… San Francisco artist Jay Howell has a solo show at Together Gallery, the opening starts at 7pm. Imma drink beers and look at art and then pack in tight to hear Brainstorm and Astrology starting at 9pm.

I’m checking out the show before it starts and im going to have to lay heart-claim on “beautiful woman with really long arms” (or something close to that) right now. so lovely!

While ive been sitting here Little Red Press stopped by with the new Together Gallery – Jay Howell Print t-shirts (snag one tonight) and the M and M skateboards dudes swooped by with Together’s new deck The Idea Board 2

with graphics by jay howell

Come by tonight listen to brainstorm at 9, meet the Lifetime Collective guys (visiting from Vancouver, B.C. to celebrate their new Jay Howell collab line) and then right after, lets ride down to Holocene for Nurses and Dragging an Ox Through Water!












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