Butt Skirts and Orientalism

25 Aug

“God help us when this fashion hits WalMart!” was the subject line of the email I just received my from Nana. I dont shop at Walmart, nor do Nana and I usually chat fashion, so I almost didn’t look. My grandmother is an amazing writer and sends lovely messages, but in addition sends a barrage of forwards of the type I thought I had left behind with my hotmail account (starchild11@hotmail.com represent!).

However, she is possibly my favorite person in the world so I always have to do a quick open. Today I was bloooooooooown away:


Turns out Im behind the times and a lil google search told me this was a net hoax from about 2004. I still hope I see one worn  at new seasons someday soon.

In other news, here’s an amazing mix of songs called “Orientalism” taken off bollywood tapes from the 70s by band member of Twin Sister, Udbhav Gupta. Think moog synthesizers over the Pink Panther in India. Mia and I have been working to it for days.



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  1. Morning Benders and Twin Sister at Doug Fir « ms.ms. pdx - October 20, 2010

    […] dig the Morning Benders. I also dig Twin Sister (and I really dig this “orientalism” mix from Udbhav Gupta). I think this show at Doug Fir on the 19th will be great. I’d like to go. […]

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