Meet Sarah Baker

12 Aug

Rather than write some little bio of ourselves for introduction, which we thought would be in some ways awkward and in other ways boring, we decided to ask each other questions. So please meet my favorite Portland lady, Sarah Baker.

tell me this:

where are you from and when did you move to portland?

I am from all over the woods and town of Santa Cruz, CA and I moved here on January 15th 2009.

what keeps you here?

The people, the tree lined streets, the art, the food, the music, the good smells, 368 and counting wonderful days.

which neighborhood do you rep?

NE all the way baby!

favorite bar/cocktail right now?

The Savoy. It’s on the way home from Tastebud (one of my jobs) and I recently started popping in after shift. The jams are always good, the staff is nice to look at and happy hour 10 to close?! Hell yeah! As for cocktails my co-worker Risha Carnes turned me on to a bevy of gin, grapefruit juice and campari; refreshing and delicious!

portland band you’ve really been digging?

I just discovered Dragging an Ox through Water (I guess I’m a little late on this one, everyone seems to have been listening to this guy for days) and I love him! You see him live and he blows you away and you listen to him on your own and get to listen to his stories and here the twang of his guitar. So good.

best river spot?

At first I wasn’t wild about the Sandy, but then I spent a day there last summer floating down the current on a log and nibbling blackberries off the shore. But really, just take me to the river, any river and it will be the best.

top 3 things you’ve been looking at recently?

1. On a recent camping trip to Freedom Fest at the Klickitat Winery I was given the opportunity to fulfill a longtime craving. I wanted, very badly, to lie down in a bed of tall grass and look up at the sky. I did this very thing in a bed of tree dander and then again in a tiny grove of crab apple trees. All that I had dreamed and more.  2. My housemate, Emily Christensen, recently was given a book of art by Marlene Dumas. Her expressions of body, face, character are so absorbing, my mind can’t help but start to tell itself a story. 3. Clothes.

as queen of the dinner party (this chick regularly seats 20 at a table in her living room), what’s your favorite part about entertaining?

I love that all you have to do is bring a group of good people round a table, put delicious food in front of them and then just sit back, listen and watch. By far my favorite way to spend an evening.

why are you doing this project?

To promote the wealth of talented people doing amazing and inspiring things in and around Portland.

as a stylist you do lots of vintage shopping… what’s up with your summer style?

These precious days of summer bring out the nudist in me (and seemingly in us all). Okay, well, nearly nude. I want sun on as much of me as possible! But I also want to be able to ride my bike and do cartwheels when necessary so a good pair of short shorts to throw on under a mini is a wonderful thing. Also lots of t-shirts and good jewelry. Right now I’m wearing jeans and an old t-shirt with lots of big jewelry and I feel like Winona Ryder meets Frida Kahlo, which is a very good feeling. And of course, red lipstick!

tell me something i dont know.

I didn’t realize this until today, so this is new to both of us. To date, I have eaten a lot of lipstick.


3 Responses to “Meet Sarah Baker”

  1. Robin Carlisle August 16, 2011 at 10:52 pm #

    Uht! Of Course I would find lovely ‘ol you behind something wonderful like this! I went into Extracto YESTERDAY the first time in like 2 YEARS and said to my self, “Sarah doesn’t work here anymore, I wonder where she is off to” I don’t know if that is even true (that part where I told myself you don’t work there-maybe you still do). The point is I did ask yesterday morning where you were, randomly, and NOW I find you here TODAY!?! Incredible.

    xox- Robin Carlisle

  2. Mandaline September 11, 2011 at 3:22 pm #

    I can not seem to find any way to submit an event on the Ms. Ms. website OR any way to notify via email the wonderful Sarah Baker and helpers, of events or possible stories. Please help!

    thanks so much,

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