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Jennifer Herrema

1 Nov

I have a long standing crush on Jennifer Herrema. So it makes me happy to see her all partnered up with lovely babe Kurt Vile for this “Before They Make Me Run” Stones’ cover. Give a listen on Pitchfork.

I haven’t given her new project, Black Bananas, much attention yet – but you should right here.

Sean Spellman

23 Oct

In addition to being such a sweet dude, Sean Spellman of Quiet Life is really great to listen to.

Check out this video from Natural Beardy and then catch them on tour with Dr. Dog through November.

Whiskey Wednesdays

6 Oct

So it appears we have a crush on Jake Ray. Who wouldn’t. Get down to the Landmark Saloon on Wednesdays already – and make Portland feel like a night at the Redder (aka The Red Rock –  my hometown Iowa bar).

MWJ in Artbox

3 Oct

check out sweet homie mwj in the new artbox. xo.


24 Sep

So according to this Portland is one of the most “oversexed” cities in America. Damn! Because last I heard Portland was more buttoned up than bottoms up.

Anyone get surveyed for this one? Anyone agree?

ps. i love nicki. xo

free tacos

20 Sep

So Google Places used us as their testing ground and to thank us they’re giving us free tacos. and who doesn’t like a free taco now and again!?

Basically on Wednesday, September 28, between 4 and 7pm, you can visit any of the three Koi Fusion locations listed below and tell them the secret password: “Googliest” to have a taco on Google Places. FREE!

Participating KOi Fusion Locations:
1. Downtown:
2. Mississippi: (New location opening on the 20th)
3. SE Division:






24 Aug

We love Brian and Johnny over at Working Hands Farms. You probably should too.

The Best Sleepover

15 Aug

So you know that thing about summer that makes us in love with the NW? big trees, clear stars, bright sun, cold rivers, friends, breeze, green, meadows, forests, fresh food? Helsing Junction Sleepover gives you (us) all of that – plus hundreds of friends and 35 bands. It’s so good. Event info here. I hope to see you there!

Adam Baz of Brainstorm did a mini interview with Jade Ajani of Helsing Junction Farms yesterday on the steps of Ms. Maggie Jones’ parents’ house. It was fun. Listen here:

Tickets here!



25 Jul

maybe you’re into this? the current 13 of the 12 seem pretty rad to me.

Whatcha think?

16 Jun

Friends… who would you like to make the next Mixtape for MS.MS.? Let us know in the comments and we’ve got free entry and a free drink at the next MS.MS. GET DOWN! for the suggestion we choose!



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